Monday, December 23, 2013

Ron Q. Quilang - Candidate for NV Senate - Unleashed an Attack Dog ... on my Wife!

The politics of A&E and GLAAD Come to Republicans in Nevada

 An Object Lesson on Why Employees With Tempers Should Not Have Access to Your Social Networking Connections ...
A Relatively Civil and Frankly Unimportant Online Dispute Turned Ugly When A Candidate's PR/Publicist/Strategist Attacked My Business and My Wife ... on Facebook

 I don't usually get "personal" in these blogs - these are about businesses, and my complaint is with the staff member of a Republican candidate for the Nevada state Senate.  To the extent that a political campaign is a business, this does "fit" - but more important, this is an object lesson on why employers should NOT let employees (especially those with tempers) represent them on social networking sites.  It is also an object lesson in the importance of being responsive to online issues.  Where Cracker Barrel quickly learned their lesson and repented, this candidate said "he'd look into it" hours before his attack dog attacked my wife on Facebook, over a minor dispute about a posting on a Facebook site, one that was neither vulgar nor offensive.

Here's the story ...

The politics of A&E and GLAAD Come to Republicans in Nevada - A Republican Candidate's PR Guy just attacked my wife on Facebook because the PR guy and I exchanged a few more-or-less civil words earlier today, but they turned out to be words he didn't like.  They weren't vulgar of offensive - he just didn't like them. So he attacked my posts, trying to damage my business - then he went a step further and attacked my wife.  Earlier, I had warned the candidate that his guy was freelancing his anger, but all I got was an "I'll look into it."

A few hours later, his attack dog bit.  So much for responsiveness.

For proof, here is a cut-and-paste from my Facebook page - note the first one is aimed at my wife, Lynn, who was not part of the conversation, nor is she part of my business, which Haynes is trying to damage.

Is that how you want your Republican Candidate to hire and manage his staff? Is this the kind of Senator you want - a man who says "I'll look into it" but does nothing to keep his staff from attacking not only a fellow Republican the PR guy didn't like, but attacking his wife as well?

I don't think so.  At least I hope not.

UPDATE - Andre' Haynes admitted to stalking my wife online in a Facebook Exchange - here are  his comment:  

Andre Haynes ·
If you apologize for the blatant disrespect and remove the post that you published on Ron Q. Quilang's page and the bog... then I will remove my post and no longer comment on your page or your wife's.
(Please note that his idea of blatant disrespect is posting a message on an open Facebook Group in which I was a member, a message with useful content on how to write campaign speeches and raise campaign funds ... the disrespect is that Andre' Haynes sees himself as a campaign guru and felt threatened by my comment - when he asked me to stop posting, I did, but now he wants me to apologize for engaging in free-market capitalism, while following Facebook's rules ... go figure)

Ron Q. Quilang, candidate for Nevada Senate from Las Vegas, has an attack-dog campaign manager named Andre' Haynes - earlier today, we exchanged a few more-or-less civil words (no cursing, nothing vulgar, no insults - just a disagreement) over what was after all only a misunderstanding, but soon I could see he had no principles, so I just let it drop. 

However, I did warn his candidate by Facebook IM that his attack dog had gotten out of his kennel (so to speak) and asked him to put a muzzle on Andre' before things got ugly.  The candidate said "he'd look into it" - but two hours later, his guy tried to bite me.

I'm just guessing here at the guy's motivation, but (I'm also guessing that Ron the Candidate didn't do anything to make him back off), because apparently, my decision to end the debate offended Andre' too.  And, because he really didn't like what I said to him, he started attacking my wife online.   

Shades of the far Left - attack the family.

Then he started going to dozens of Facebook conservative political discussion groups, attacking me directly and trying to hurt my business.

Shades of A&E and GLAAD.

As I said, I tried to get to Candidate Ron Q. Quilang to call off his dog (we traded IM messages on Facebook), but clearly, whatever he did was ineffectual, because he did nothing (nothing that worked) to stop his attack dog.

If this is the kind of Republican he is (not stopping his attack-dog PR/publicity guy from attacking family members while trying to ruin the reputation and business of a fellow Conservative Republican), then you need to think long and hard about voting for this guy.

If he can't or won't control his people, how will he represent us?

I would not have said anything about this (Reagan's 11th commandment) if Andre' had only attacked me.  But he attacked my wife.  That is out-of-bounds. It is harassment.  It is NOT a Conservative value.

Think very long and very hard before supporting Ron Q. Quilang.

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