Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Introducing Bad Business Alert

In these tough economic times, there are good people who reflect understanding and support of their partners, colleagues, employers and employees - but there are also bad actors who are unreasonable in their actions. These low-lifes add insult to injury for those small businesses and solo practitioners who are trying to make a living, honor their obligations and keep their business ventures afloat.

This blog is intended to highlight those bad actors, to tell the truth without bias, and to do so in a way that - when someone Google's the bad actor during their "should I do business with this person or company" due diligence, they will discover the truth.

As always, when you learn something on the Internet (including here on Bad Business Alert), double-check your facts. We are committed to being honest and objective, but only God knows what's in our hearts (or the hearts of those we report on).

Welcome to Bad Business Alert - we hope this proves helpful to you.

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